Windows 7 Looking Like A Winner

I just installed the prebeta body of Windows 7 on my ultimate quad-core PC and boy, am I impressed. Sure, if my son took a attending at the screen, he said: "That's Vista." But isn't that the point? It looks to me like Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is accepting accessible to afford its attenuated Vista cast and alter it with a lean, mean, attractive operating arrangement which works. Call it arduous business brilliance.

OK, so it's still aboriginal in the game, and conceivably I'm jumping the gun here, but that's the capital consequence I was addled by, afterwards the decidedly simple time I had accepting Windows 7 loaded assimilate my PC. The OS installed in about 35 minutes, with alone two or three restarts (notwithstanding the assiduous warnings that I should be able for abundant reboots.

More important, already Windows 7 was loaded, it able itself for its antecedent barrage after a heapload of difficulty. Plus, no problems with the WDDM affectation drivers, which was a afflictive barrier block to abounding a Vista install.

As well, Windows 7 takes up beneath deejay amplitude than Vista.

All this being leads to the afterward cogwheel diagnosis, on both the business and abstruse fronts. Marketing-wise, Microsoft has acutely been stung by Apple's "Get a Mac" ads. Particularly bitter is the one alleged "Bean Counter," area the John Hodgman "PC guy" appearance pushes a huge accumulation of money assimilate the "marketing" ancillary of the table, with alone a piddling bulk on the added side, allocated to "fix Vista." (Then, of advance he says, the heck with it, and shunts aggregate assimilate the business pile.)

Stuff like that must've fabricated Microsoft's business humans apprehend that Vista is a attenuated brand, admitting the actuality that, technically speaking, Vista has absolutely affected abounding of its problems and is now appealing good.

Clearly, relaunching the cast is the bigger way to go to body a absolute acceptance groundswell for what'll be a cool, Aero-graphics-based OS with abundant connectivity to accessories (cameras, printers, phones). You ability acknowledge that Vista doesn't accept any acceptance problems, and you'd be about correct, in that it's accomplishing OK on the customer front. However, that's in allotment because it's been force-fed. Added important, business acceptance of Vista hasn't taken off to the admeasurement Microsoft would like. I'm action Windows 7, automated as it is, will be a breeze for business, even accustomed that its accouterments requirements are added like Vista than like XP. (Enough time has anesthetized so that the PC advancement aeon has bent up to those heftier accouterments needs.)

So let's get to the added front, which is the abstruse ancillary of Windows 7. Here, I'm academic -- anticipation from the abate cast of the OS -- that Microsoft has done a lot of ground-up rewrites of the audacity of the code. Incidentally, this gives additional, accessory backpack to my apriorism that Microsoft didn't wish to "fix" Vista, mainly for business affidavit (that attenuated brand, again). Because if they could carbon a lot of of the OS in time for this pre-beta absolution at their Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles endure week, they could've rewritten abundant of Vista. (Though it wouldn't accept been as easy; you don't wish an SP4 which chucks out the accomplished OS, etc.)

Anyway, so the aftereffect is that I'm convinced, even at this aboriginal date, that Windows 7 is gonna be a winner. The alone catechism larboard is, if will Microsoft barrage the thing. The allocution has been backward 2009. My assumption is that the absolute acknowledgment depends on the economy. Taking a page from its admired talking point of the 1990s, I'm action that Microsoft will barrage Windows 7 if its barter say they're accessible -- accessible to buy it.

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