Why you should use linux as your Netbook OS ? Part 2

In the second part of this post , i will cover the next four reasons to use Linux as your Netbook OS .

6_Linux offer more flavor to choose from :

even if you have a Netbook , you have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of distributions , you can install the basic Xandros ,the full-blown 3d ...etc .

be careful when you  make a choice : some distributions ( like Eeebuntu and OpenGeeu) include the array Kernel ,which has the wireless for Netbooks build by default , other distribution will require you extra step to build in wireless support .

7_You will gain speed :

there is no doubt that with Linux you will benefit from more speed than Windows Xp , you think that when you are surfing on the web or using Mail clients . there are differences among Linux flavor e.g., : the Xandros distribution is slower than the Eeebuntu distribution .

8_Improvement will come faster and more often :

In the open source community , there are more people to your operating system ,so Linux will continue to improve as  much faster than the windows operating system for Netbooks . Moreover , if you face a problem with your Linux based Netbook you will easily find the solution with a quick search on Google , the Linux community offer updated patches to correct Linux bugs .

9_the next version will work

Everybody know that the next Microsoft OS is Windows 7 , but do you believe that this OS will work for Netbooks ? in the other hand , with Linux Os you can be sure that it will work , because the Eeebuntu was made for your hardware .

To learn more about using Linux For the desktop click here

This article is the summery of a document written by Jack Wallen in CNET network.

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Why you should use linux as your Netbook OS ? Part 1

Many people claim that Microsoft has been dominating the Netbook market with Windows Xp , but in fact linux is the best choice for netbook users . So why linux must be your netbook os ?

1_ Netbook hardware is the perfect match for linux :   

People say that you can't play games on linux , but they ignored the fact that you can't play games on a Netbook , surfing is the major role of this technology ,and this is what make it distinguishing .

2_All about the interface :

As you grasp , all netbooks offer a small screen , so you need a desktop interface that fits this real estate . The Eeebunutu offer Remix desktop interface that is perfectly suited for your desktop size .

3_Netbooks require a secure OS :

windows XP users suffer from real threats like virus , spywares and Trojans , and if we project that to your netbook you will need a powerful antivirus , but your netbook performance can't support an antivirus like Norton . In the other side , none can deny the fact that Linux is a secure OS that offers the maximum security .

4_ Your netbook can be more than a slow laptop :

when you use Eeebuntu you feel like you have the performance of a full laptop , you can even install a full blown LAMP server on your netbook if you like .

5_ linux keep your cost down :

the cheap price of netbooks make it more and more popular , you can find a netbook under 300$ , but 200$ will be reached when computer companies release it with a Linux OS . don't forget that Linux is an open source , that mean that you can install it for free .

To learn more about using Linux For the desktop click here 

In the next post i will present the other five reasons to make Linux your netbook operating system .
This article is the summery of a document written by Jack Wallen in CNET network.

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Windows 7 browsing performance

Betanews testers have revealed some interesting insights about windows 7 browsing performance . they have used five major browsers (Opera , Mozilla , Google chrome , safari and Inernet explorer ), testers claim that Windows xp is 13 percent faster than Windows 7 .

compare windows 7 , xp and vista browsing performance 

Experts present a good news for us  , when using the final version of windows 7 ( that will appeare in october ) they have found that windows 7 is 17 percent faster than vista , and xp is 27 percent faster than vista .

From browser to browser 

From browser to browser  , the result doesn't change deeply , Xp is the fastest , windows7 in second  than vista , but betanews testers ensure that Google chrome is best regardless of operating system . In the other hand , Opera and internet explorer are the slowest .

Finaly , do you worry about these performance differences ?and do you think that Microsoft will solve this problem  in the next months ? please don't  hesitate to share with us your point of view .

i'm sorry for writing mistakes because English is my third language !

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Microsoft releases a keyboard and a mouse for windows 7

Microsoft has released their latest keyboard and mouse set—the Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000. Just to begin with, the new set is wireless, with both the keyboard and mouse using a shared USB 2.4GHz transceiver.

They keyboard itself, aside from being Windows 7 ready, has a Comfort Curve layout with a soft-touch palm rest and low-profile quiet touch keys. The mouse offers an ambidextrous friendly shape along with rubber side grips and uses Microsoft BlueTrack technology for tracking.

Now, getting back to the Windows 7 ready features, the keyboard has a feature called Taskbar Favorites that will give users an easy way to access and open their applications. Other features specific for Windows 7 include Device Stage which gives the user easy access to common tasks as well as Windows Flip which will allow users to easily see a thumbnail preview of all open windows by pressing a single button.

The Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 will retail for $80 when it hits stores later this month. However, if for some reason you feel the need to rush out and purchase this now, it is currently available for pre-order though Amazon.

Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 features

1_Ultra-thin Comfort Curve Design
2_High Definition Laser Technology
3_Windows Live™ Call Button
4_Gadgets Button
5_Battery Status Indicator
6_Windows® Start Button

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Intel release "Pine Trail" Atom for Windows 7

The big change in microsoft's operating systems will oblige computer industries to change hardware too , this is what happen for Intel , the company has decided to improve the power efficiency and boosting performance , so next year Intel will release "Pine Trail" Atom .

Eden described Pine Trail as the "next generation of Atom that we are going to put into Netbooks." Pine Trail will integrate a graphics processor directly onto the same piece of silicon as the main processor--a first for Intel. "We are going to integrate the graphics to get better performance," he said. The memory controller, another critical piece of silicon, will also be built onto the same chip as the main processor.

"We are going to ship revenue shipments in the second half of the year," he said of Pine Trail. "You come to IDF and see the maturity of the product," he added, referring to the Intel Developer Forum slated for September.

Reports had claimed that Pine Trail was delayed until next year.

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