IN Media windows 7 tablet Unveiled (video review )

IN Media Corp. announced the release of the "Windows 7 Tablet computer." The Windows 7 Tablet computer tries to run the full Windows 7 OS. The product is underpowered by the 1.66GHZ Intel Atom processor and comes with a 160 GB hard drive because its developers do not understand how people are using their iPads.

The Windows 7 Tablet computer comes with an HDMI port, a forward facing camera and what the company's video claims is a "10-inch" screen, despite their press release stating that it's 11.25 x 6 inches (12.75" diagonal).

“We desired to launch a tablet that did everything, not a media player or eReader or net book but all those things and far more,” said IN Media C.E.O. Nick Karnik in the sloppily-written, somewhat incomprehensible, English-as-a-third-langage press release. “The touch screen the Windows 7 Tablet computer had all the full functionality of a computer in an elegant and efficient tablet format and because of the operating process users aren't limited to what type of video formats we can view as all are supported including the most popular, Flash."

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Samsung Gloria Tablet 10-inch With Win-7 OS

Gloria might not be the name of the Tablet, but it may be the title of a new brand Samsung Mobile Units. there is no estimation either by Samsung or any other company, on any other features regarding their memory or storage capacity, processor and design. Sources also said that Samsung may come up with its own touch-friendly program.
Samsung’s Marketing Team is now in a job of communicating to the Market, that only know about the iPads and iPods. Because selling of the Tablet at the same screen size of iPad is little difficult also a virtually unusable keyboard appears to be a hard task. Samsung Gloria Tab is expected to be launched on March or April 2011.

Samsung Gloria Tablet: A rumor that, Samsung Gloria Tablet comes up with 10-inch display with slide down QWERTY keyboard and preinstalled Windows 7 Operating technique. The first tab of Samsung, Samsung Q1U was an instrumental in Microsoft’s UMPC product.

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Quicken and Windows 7 compatibility

HELPROOM ANSWER there's several feasible causes for this problem, Edward. Most likely is that your copy of Quicken isn't compatible with Windows 7.

query I'm still using Quicken for my home stock. Unfortunately, a necessary refresh of Windows 7 has left me with issues reinstalling Quicken. I get the error message: 'The program cannot load because MFC70.DLL is missing from your computer'. I'm a novice user & would be grateful for any advice you can offer me. Edward Powell

Another possibility is that the file in query is missing or corrupted. Go to Start, type sfc /scannow in the search bar & press Enter. Windows will check & repair any corrupt or missing process files.
you ought to also run Windows Update & make positive that all updates are applied, those relating to Microsoft's .Net framework.

If this is the case, try setting up a Windows XP virtual machine using the free VirtualBox platform. Note that you will require to have a Windows XP installation disc to hand also a valid licence key.

you can fix any hard-drive errors you uncover using another device built in to Windows. Press Start, computer, right-click your hard drive & choose Properties, Tools, Error-checking, Check now. make positive the box for 'Automatically fix file process errors' is chosen. Now click Start, 'Schedule disk check', & reboot the computer.

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Apple Ipad vs Windows 7 tablet

Apple Ipad vs Windows 7 tablet: "Computer maker Acer has laid out its first tablet computers. This lineup will include a windows 7 tablet and 2 android devices."

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MacBook Air 2010 Vs Windows 7

I have been reading through an editorial on’s net site and they historicallyin the past did a comparison between theMacBook Air and some Netbooks. Unsurprisingly the MacBook Air came out on top, I guess that is what happens when you compare a tiny laptop computer with a dual core processor against single core low powered laptops. I mean you have to have a look at the cost difference between them to know which the better laptop computer is. If there is a difference of $500-700 difference, you know the more expensive one is going to come out on top.

Following on from this, they are now doing a comparison between the new MacBook Air and laptops that are of a similar cost. This will be a better comparison as generally the laptops jogging Windows 7 will be of a much higher standard than a Netbook. Generally i have found over the years that when it comes to computing you get what you pay for.

So what do the results show? Funnily exactly what I thought, the MacBook Air would do ok but there will be some laptops that out perform it. you can see all of the results for graphics, battery life amongst other things by heading over to

If i am honest, I still think it is a pointless study as all of the machines that they looked at have different target audiences. That’s my opinion but let me know yours in the comments below.

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What Will Windows 7 Major Upgrade 2011 Bring

These are definitely some signs that can’t be ignored, can they? In fact Microsoft ought to better pull a rabbit out of the hat actual shortly since these numbers, even if unofficial right now, will be unveiled later down the road. The company is readying a major program update for very early 2011, and although this upgrade will bring you multitasking or Copy and Paste features, will that be to significantly bump up sales?

Symbian 3
Recently, for example, Nokia have rebuilt Symbian and launched Symbian^3 on the N8, whilst Microsoft released Windows telephone 7 in a high profile campaign across a range of high-end devices. historicallyin the past, both Symbian and Windows Mobile have come under criticism (from some quarters) for providing a user experience that does not match the high standards set by competitors and for offering limited services and content. This is reflected in the comparatively lower loyalty scores their respective ecosystems generate; Symbian (24%) and Windows Mobile (29%). In contrast, Apple, who have arguably led the way in the smartphone market in terms of user experience and service / content provision have very high levels (59%) of said loyalty to the Apple Ecosystem. Nevertheless, despite this lead even Apple and Android users would consider other mobile ecosystems when it comes to upgrading their telephone.
Apple iPhone owners were a bit different though, as 59% of those surveyed planned to stick with Apple’s smartphone for their next purchase. Microsoft received the lowest loyalty score with 21% but it’s not clear if this survey was for Windows telephone 7, which was only released a month ago.
Acer made its name building inexpensive netbooks and laptops, and has parlayed that electronic expertise in to the smartphone realm. (“What they need to be is a worldwide provider of mobile solutions–smartphone, tablet, netbook, notebook–any kind of mobile, going from content creation to content consumption,” Lanci said.) The company primarily offers its smartphone wares in Europe, but company executives have expressed a desire to expand in to the U.S. smartphone market.

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