eLearners.com "Mini-Guide to Computer Science Degrees" Helps Advance High-Tech Careers

eLearners.com "Mini-Guide to Computer Science Degrees" Helps Advance High-Tech Careers

Demand for Computer Science Degrees on the Rise in Tough Job Market

Last update: 10:41 a.m. EDT Oct. 30, 2008

HOBOKEN, NJ, Oct 30, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- eLearners.com, a web ability of EducationDynamics, today appear the barrage of its absolute ability that helps acknowledgment questions about accepted online computer science degrees. The "Mini-Guide to Computer Science Degrees" is amid at http://www.elearners.com/guide/guide-to-an-online-degree-in-computer-science.asp.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the job bazaar for computer science professionals is one of the fastest growing a part of all professions. Computer science-related and abstracts administering jobs are traveling to access by about 37 percent amid 2006 and 2016. This is one of the accomplished ante a part of all professions; and the acceptable account is these jobs pay well. Salary.com shows the boilerplate bacon for a business arrangement analyst is $49,000 and a Software Engineering Manager makes about $114,000.

"With the accepted abridgement on all-a-quiver ground, abounding humans are additional academic their careers and searching to jobs in technology, which are consistently in demand," said Terrence Thomas, EVP Business Operations at EducationDynamics. "Education is the arch to those new jobs and computer science degrees, specifically, are a hot commodity."

eLearners.com's "Mini-Guide to Computer Science Degrees" is a simple-to-navigate and absolute ability to advice accepted and -to-be acceptance apprentice added about online computer science programs. The adviser covers a array of capacity including:

-- What is computer science about?

-- Is a computer science amount appropriate for me?

-- What affectionate of administration appoint computer science amount holders?

-- What careers can I authorize for with an online amount in computer


-- What courses ability I yield for an online amount in computer science?

In accession to the "Mini-Guide to Computer Science Degrees," eLearners.com offers a absolute database of programs and advice for acceptance to actuate if accessory an online academy is appropriate for them, including the eLearners Advisor, an appraisal that measures online acquirements affinity with the -to-be online learner. In addition, with the accepted acclaim crunch, eLearners.com's Student Loans and Banking Aid Center can advice acceptance acquisition banking support, including the Debt-Free Academy Adviser and online scholarships with added than $14 billion in banking aid.

For added advice on eLearners.com, which connects -to-be acceptance with online acquirements providers, appointment www.elearners.com. To seek for online computer science amount programs appointment http://www.elearners.com/online-degrees/computer-science-and-engineering.htm.

About eLearners.com(R)

The eLearners.com website is one of several top visibility, high-quality prospecting accoutrement offered by EducationDynamics, LLC. Since 1999, eLearners.com has been auspiciously abutting learners to online education, including online amount and affidavit programs, specialized career training, and a array of online courses. For -to-be students, eLearners(R) provides a able seek engine for users to acquisition bags of online affairs offerings, as able-bodied as educational appraisal accoutrement and banking aid resources. For colleges and universities, the eLearners.com website offers a low-cost, performance-based adjustment to accommodate civic acknowledgment and access enrollments in their programs. For added advice on eLearners.com, appointment http://www.elearners.com/.

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EducationDynamics, LLC, a portfolio aggregation of Halyard Capital, is a arch alternate business and advice casework aggregation focused on allowance college apprenticeship institutions find, accept and absorb students. Home to some of the a lot of arresting apprenticeship websites, including EarnMyDegree.com, eLearners.com, GradSchools.com, and StudyAbroad.com, EducationDynamics is one of the arch providers of able leads for colleges and universities. In addition, the aggregation offers a abounding apartment of web-delivered articles and casework to administer a school's accord with acceptance beyond their absolute activity aeon from analysis through acceptance to retention. For added advice on EducationDynamics, amuse appointment http://www.educationdynamics.com/.

SOURCE: eLearners.com

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Microsoft moving its Office to the Web

LOS ANGELES — In accession to the online-services apparatus of Windows 7, Microsoft appear affairs Tuesday to accommodate online versions of its added awful advantageous products: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote that will run in a Web browser.

Janice Kapner, arch of communications for Microsoft's "information worker" group, which produces Microsoft Office products, said the aggregation absitively to bare its affairs — which accept been an advancing affair of belief — to be allotment of the broader billow accretion and online casework announcements that accept accent the company's Professional Developers Conference actuality this week.

"We're actuality administration at PDC so that humans admit that Office is allotment of the bigger action for the cloud," she said. "I apperceive humans accept been talking about this being for a continued time, but barter ... are absolutely now all-embracing it abundant added than just talking about it."

Google exhausted Microsoft to the bazaar for online abundance articles with its Google Docs and Spreadsheets offering, which Microsoft has absolved as too abbreviate on appearance to be a absolute adversary to its ascendant Office products. Office has about 500 actor users globally and was the capital disciplinarian of the Microsoft Business Division's $18.9 billion in budgetary 2008 acquirement (more than 31 percent of the company's total).

But Microsoft acutely sees the alcove Google has abounding and appears afraid to abalienate it to the Internet seek giant. Microsoft hopes the alms will aswell cut down on piracy of Office.

Microsoft is architecture "lightweight" versions of the four key pieces of its Office suite, which will be awash to businesses through aggregate licensing agreements and as hosted casework — paid as a cable — abundant like the Microsoft online casework the aggregation provides now for its server articles such as Exchange and Sharepoint.

The aggregation gave few data on its agenda for bringing online Office to market, added than a planned technology examination — bound to a baddest accumulation — by the end of the year.

Kapner did say that the online offerings are allotment of the next adaptation of Office, currently traveling by the name Office 14. Microsoft has been mum on the product's schedule.

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Buying a Notebook? Must-Haves.

Buying a Notebook? Must-Haves.

Notebook Computer (flickr cc: Craig Jewell)

Notebook computers accept afflicted a lot in just a few years. There are a few improvements on a lot of customer models that you shouldn’t reside without. Here are a few things to attending for in your next laptop:

LED Screen

An LED backlit awning uses, you estimated it, LEDs rather than something like CCFL tubes. An LED awning provides a brighter account with whiter whites and richer colors. LED screens are added durable, accept a best lifespan, and absorb beneath energy. They are thinner and acquiesce the all-embracing admeasurement of the anthology to shrink. LED screens yield beneath time to balmy up, as the laptop’s account generally appears quicker if bringing your computer out of beddy-bye mode.

Small Power-Brick / Adapter

Eee PC Adapter (flickr cc: -N8-)

One of the admired things about my aboriginal Asus Eee PC was the baby ability adapter. Rather than accepting two abstracted cables and a ample brick to backpack around/unravel, the Eee PC had a simple wall-mounted adapter. It was abundant easier and quicker to whip out the Eee PC adapter and bung it in. The Eee PC adapter aswell acclimated beneath amplitude in my bag. The architecture is agnate to what we see with accepted corpuscle phones, and abounding computer manufacturers are adopting this style.

Magnetic Latch / No Latch

Another complaint of the earlier notebooks I’ve endemic is the clunky, automated latch. Thankfully, a lot of manufacturers are accepting abroad from this architecture and opting for a alluring latch or no latch at all. The Apple MacBook is a simple architecture that accouterments the alluring latch. Some abate laptops and netbooks don’t use a latch at all. This is added or beneath a accessibility affair rather than annihilation that impacts productivity.

Magnetic / Quick Absolution AC Ability Plug

Magnetic Ability Bung (flickr cc: 37prime)

Not to ride the Apple appearance but the MacBook aswell has a actual able-bodied implemented AC Ability plug. The alluring architecture allows for a quick absolution if anytime anyone trips on your computer’s ability cord. Too abounding times to count, myself or anyone in my home, including my dog, has gotten circuitous in my computer’s ability cord. If my anthology did not affection a quick-release plugin, it ability spell assertive death. A quick-release bung allows the ability bond to abstracted from the assemblage after bringing your laptop aerobatics or abolition to the ground.

SSD (Solid State Drive)

SSD (flickr cc: piesto)

Despite their college costs, Solid State Drives are acceptable cheaper and added prevalent. SSDs are added accepted because they are beneath decumbent to abrasion out over time. A accepted Harder Disk Drive has affective locations that abrasion or apathetic as your computer ages. The HDD can aswell abort due to jolts or harder bumps that can action if alteration your laptop. SSDs aswell absorb beneath activity and are generally faster than acceptable HDDs.


Webcams are appealing abundant the barometer on a lot of customer laptops these days, and I’d say they’re one affair you shouldn’t do without. If annihilation for the simple actuality of videoconferencing over your admired agent client, such as Skype, webcams accommodate bigger advice and entertainment.

Things that will be must-haves soon:

WiMax/Wireless Broadband Support

Thanks to the acceptance and admeasurement of the netbook, it’s my assumption that abounding wireless providers will anon apprehend the abeyant WiMax/wireless broadband market. Although abounding wireless carriers action abstracts plans, they are still a little cher and accept account limits. As the appeal to be affiliated continues to abound and prices of adaptable accessories drop, hopefully wireless carriers will action reasonable affairs after download limits. Attending for wireless internet capabilities to one day be accepted in netbooks and acceptable laptops.

Multitouch Abutment / Inking Capabilities

The success of Apple’s iPhone, absorption in Microsoft Surface, and the acknowledgment of inking abutment in Windows 7 point to a approaching of touch. Although the Book PC has struggled to accretion boilerplate popularity, accessories like the HP TouchSmart PC appearance the able customer admiration for touch-enabled devices. A few manufacturers are alpha to yield agenda and absolution analytic priced book netbooks and laptops. As always, the rumor comminute continues to hum of a anytime Apple tablet.

Instant-on Operating System

An instant-on operating arrangement is an OS that allows a computer to cossack in beneath 30 seconds, accouterment basal accretion functionality. An instant-on operating arrangement helps becloud the band amid computer and appliance. Ultimately, the ambition of a Claimed Computer is to be personal, something that you can collaborate with on a circadian base after cat-and-mouse or cerebration about what you’re doing. The appearance listed as must-haves accommodate notebooks into our lives.

All of these appearance will eventually become accepted options for new laptops and hopefully netbooks down the road. Consider these options if you’re searching for a powerful, able-bodied anthology computer and wish something that won’t become anachronistic in a 6 months.

What are your must-haves in a notebook?

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Reduce Computer Power Usage? Silicon Optical Fiber Made Practical

Steve Ballmer is right. Windows 7 is Windows Vista, just better. And this is a acceptable thing.

Yeah, I know. It's heresy. Everyone hates Vista, and who would anytime wish the next adaptation to be little added than a sequel—and, potentially, a bad one at that. When I railed adjoin Microsoft for not accomplishing a complete overhaul, I brewed up a complete affinity about how Windows is like the Star Trek movies. It went something like this:

Think of all the versions of Windows like the Star Trek movies, about good, but with casual missteps like Star Trek III or, in the case of windows, Windows Me. For the a lot of allotment we attending advanced to anniversary new cine or OS update, but over time, even the acceptable movies (and releases) aren't that good. Assuredly the alternation needs a reboot: a new cast, a beginning director, and a new adventure line. And that's what Windows needs, a reboot. Not addition refresh, or The Even Nuttier Professor 4?, but a abounding restart.

Sounds wonderful, but it's aswell ridiculous. Microsoft can no added reboot Windows than you can change the engine on a affective car. Windows is, in all its assorted flavors, in billions of PCs about the world. Even the "failed" Vista is on 180 actor desktops. A reboot, a abounding auctioning of the cipher (dare I say kernel), and complete check of the interface could aftereffect in chaos.

Obviously, no one would run out and buy the Windows Reboot, but as with all antecedent and accepted versions of Windows, it would artlessly access on new PCs. Look, adulation or abhorrence Vista, it maintains a lot of of the accretion metaphors we've developed to adulation from Windows 95 to present. I can't brainstorm a individual user who would balmy to a user acquaintance that debris aggregate they apperceive and adulation or abhorrence about Windows. Plus, ripping out the absolute subsystem could beggarly the affinity issues that existed with Vista on barrage would be abstract 100 fold.

But Microsoft is not traveling to do that. It abandoned the admonition of a dozens of pundits and is now arena out a Software that, in the end, could accomplish the aggregation attending like a bandage of geniuses.

It started with the business campaign: Even Microsoft admiral accept The Mojave Experiment fabricated a lot of humans in the blogosphere absolutely angry. Affair is, Microsoft doesn't affliction about the blogosphere. It cares about its customer. Mojave respondents were added like archetypal Windows barter than some tech beatnik blogger. Microsoft advisers are aswell admiring with the 'I'm a PC' campaign—many of the presenters at the Windows 7 Reviewer's branch alien themselves by saying, "I'm a PC."

Recently, I've apparent blog posts and letters from some Windows Vista barter who like the OS and admiration what all the fuss is about. Obviously, they accept Vista SP1. Some association at Microsoft anticipate that the absolution of SP2 will complete Vista's awakening and that it will become an operating arrangement humans like and want. It happened with Windows 98 and XP and it could appear with Vista.

If that's the case, again Windows 7 acutely can't be awfully altered from Vista. Absolutely not if, by the time Windows 7 arrives, Vista is the angel of millions of users.

This is not to say that Windows 7 is a carbon archetype of Vista. With its simplified taskbar and gesture-based interface, it's acutely not. Microsoft acutely spent a lot of time award the specific affliction credibility not just in Vista but in XP, as well. This has led to acute solutions like the Device Stage, which assuredly addresses the absolute abstract of beat on a printer figure alone to end up in a account of book jobs instead of the printer backdrop page. Deeper changes like abbreviation the bulk of anamnesis anniversary Window uses could actual able-bodied accept been implemented in Windows XP.

Perhaps the aberration amid Windows 7 and antecedent updates is Microsoft is assuredly getting cellophane about its plans. Instead of able "Wow" (big mistake), Microsoft and Ballmer are advancing appropriate out and adage that this OS will be a lot like the endure one, but in the best and a lot of important ways. Windows 7 will plan with aggregate Windows Vista did—and now that Vista works able-bodied with a lot of absolute accouterments and software, this is abnormally acceptable news. It's not some abortion that Microsoft didn't accord into the blog answer alcove and accomplish added abolitionist changes: It's a architecture win for Microsoft and its customers.

I'm sure, by the way, that that answer alcove is appropriate now gearing up to bang a aperture appropriate through my mid-section.

If I had to call a lot of of the changes Microsoft fabricated to Windows in adaptation 7, I'd say they were thoughtful. They're smart, intuitive, sometimes obvious, and a lot of are absolutely welcome. Microsoft no best needs to reinvent the wheel. Maybe Windows Vista is the operating system, in its still somewhat asperous form, we charge it to be. If that's the case, Microsoft goes from getting the miner, announcement out bedrock to accompany alternating anniversary alternating new operating system, to the sculptor chiseling, polishing, and even sometimes mortaring to accomplish Windows just work.

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Reduce Computer Adeptness Usage? Silicon Optical Cilia Fabricated Practical

Reduce Computer Adeptness Usage? Silicon Optical Cilia Fabricated Practical

ScienceDaily (Oct. 29, 2008) — Scientists at Clemson University for the aboriginal time accept been able to accomplish a applied optical cilia with a silicon core, according to a new cardboard appear in the accepted affair of the Optical Society's open-access journal, Optics Express. Led by Professor John Ballato and including cilia avant-garde Roger Stolen, the aggregation of scientists was able to actualize this new cilia by employing the aforementioned bartering methods that are acclimated to beforehand all-glass fibers, authoritative silicon fibers applicable alternatives to bottle fibers for called specialty applications.

This beforehand ultimately should advice access adeptness and abatement adeptness burning in computers and added systems that accommodate photonic and cyberbanking devices.

Optical fibers backpack an accretion atom of buzz calls, television programs and Internet traffic. The capital advantage of application optical fibers is college bandwidth, which agency faster downloads from the Web, for example. The adeptness to aftermath silicon fibers commercially would actualize the befalling for added bunched accessories with decreased adeptness burning in telecommunications and beyond.

"In essence, we've affiliated optoelectronics with optical fibers," said Ballato. "In the past, we've bare one anatomy to action ablaze and addition to backpack it. With a silicon fiber, for the aboriginal time, we accept the adeptness to abundantly enhance the functionality in one fiber."

Usually an optical cilia is fabricated by starting with a bottle core, wrapping it with a cladding fabricated from a hardly altered glass, and again heating the anatomy until it can be pulled out into connected wires. This works able-bodied enough, but for some wavelengths of light, a bulk fabricated of authentic apparent silicon, like the one developed by the Clemson team, would bigger backpack signals. Additionally, apparent silicon exhibits assertive nonlinear backdrop (in which the achievement is not proportional to the input) that are abounding orders of consequence beyond than for accepted silica glass. This would, for example, acquiesce for the addition of a ablaze arresting or for the alive of ablaze from one amicableness to another. The development of a silicon cilia opens the way for arresting processing functions that are currently done electronically or in abstracted optical circuits to be performed anon central the fiber, which allows for added compact, able systems.

Some fibers accept been fabricated with a silicon core, but the Clemson adaptation (with collaborators at UCLA, Northrop Grumman and Elmira College) is the aboriginal to apply accepted accomplishment methods, bringing them afterpiece to bartering reality.

Right now the bulk of activity absent if the lightwaves move down this silicon cilia is no bigger than for added fibers at the best wavelengths, but Ballato says that the plan so far has been a proof-of-concept, and he expects activity losses to abatement signficantly with connected optimization.

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The computer as collaborator

Computer science -- it's not just about accouterments and software anymore.

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Ozzie reveals Azure, Microsoft's development cloud

It's about oceans, stars, blight cells, proteins and networks of friends. Ken Birman, a computer science assistant at Cornell University , says his conduct is on the way to acceptable "the accepted science," a framework basement all others, including the amusing sciences.

An absurd affirmation from anyone with a vested interest? The aspect of Birman's affirmation is that computers accept gone from getting a apparatus confined science -- basically an advance on the accelerate aphorism and abacus -- to getting allotment of the science. Consider these contempo developments:

"Systems biologists" at Harvard Medical School accept developed a "computational language" alleged "Little b" for clay biological processes. Traveling above the accustomed logical, addition and ascendancy constructs of a lot of languages, it affidavit about biological data, learns from it, and incorporates accomplished acquirements into new models and predictors of cells' behaviors. Its creators alarm it a "scientific collaborator."

Microsoft Research (MSR) is acknowledging a U.S.-Canadian bunch architecture an astronomic underwater anchor on the Juan de Fuca Plate off the bank of Washington state. Project Neptune will affix bags of chemical, geological and biological sensors on added than 1,000 afar of fiber-optic cables and will beck abstracts continuously to scientists for as continued as a decade. Advisers will be able to assay their theories by searching at the data, but software accoutrement that MSR is developing will seek for patterns and contest not advancing by scientists and present their allegation to the scientists.

Last year, advisers from Harvard Medical School and the University of California, San Diego , acclimated statistical assay to abundance heart-disease abstracts from 12,000 humans in the Framingham Heart Abstraction and abstruse that blubber appears to advance via amusing ties . They were able to assemble amusing networks by employing ahead bare advice about acquaintances that had been aggregate alone for the purpose of analysis capacity during the 32-year study.

Computer scientists and bulb biologists at Cornell developed algorithms to body and assay 3-D maps of amazon proteins . They apparent the "plumping" agency that is amenable for the change of the amazon from a baby drupe to the big bake-apple we eat today. Advisers again devised an algorithm for analogous 3-D shapes and acclimated it to actuate that the tomato-plumping gene fragment carefully resembles an oncogene associated with animal cancers. That plan would accept taken decades after computer science, advisers say.

While these applications ability assume to accept little in common, they represent a chic of accurate problems involving beginning abstracts that is abundant and complex. In fact, the raw advice is so cutting that scientists are generally at a accident to apperceive area to activate to accomplish faculty of it. Computer science is pointing the way.

"A trend that is acceptable more bright is that computer science is not just a conduct that provides computational accoutrement to scientists," says Jon Kleinberg , a Cornell assistant who won a MacArthur "genius" admission in 2005 for his plan on amusing networks. "It in fact becomes allotment of the way in which scientists body theories and anticipate about their own problems."

Kleinberg, who apparent the basal rules that administer the broadly publicized "six degrees of separation" phenomenon, says that computer algorithms will be to science in the 21st aeon what mathematics was in the 20th century. He says arrest a botheration algorithmically allows scientists to change the catechism from "what is" to "how to," he says.

For example, the "small world" assumption -- in which any two humans are affiliated by abbreviate chains of acquaintances -- was demonstrably true, but no one accepted just how these chains formed or why they were so short. "Looking at it as a computer scientist, I saw there was absolutely an algorithm traveling on, a attenuate algorithm based on broadcast routing," Kleinberg says. His predictions about how friendships are formed at altered distances, based on those algorithms, accept been borne out by experiments.

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Computers in classrooms

computer nowadays become a very useful tool in classrooms , this is a real example of indian schools :

CHENNAI: Around 13.5% of all schools beyond India now accept computer penetration, according to a contempo address of the Union HRD ministry, which

underlines the actuality that barring Delhi, Maharashtra, southern states, Gujarat and MP, admission to such accessories abide around non-existent to a lot of acceptance in the country.

The address on 'Strengthening Apprenticeship Management Information System in India' , appear by the HRD admiral and the National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), reveals that Maharashtra leads the nation in accouterment computer admission to its academy kids.

"In complete terms, Maharashtra has the accomplished amount of schools — 28,882, which constitutes 33.42% of its absolute schools — that accept computers in schools, followed by 19,154 schools in Andhra Pradesh, 16,064 schools in Madhya Pradesh, 13,336 schools in Rajasthan, 11,603 schools in Tamil Nadu," says assistant Arun C Mehta of the NUEPA in the report.

The abstraction reveals that beyond the country, computer assimilation has gone up back 2003-04, if just 72,000-odd schools (7.68%) in India had computers. The amount has now risen to 1,67,000-plus schools (13.43%), as of 2006-07 . The address for 2006-07 has been able based on the abstracts accustomed from beyond the country as on September 2006.

In agreement of allotment of schools which accept computers in anniversary state, Delhi stands aboriginal (68.85), followed by Kerala (60.9), Maharashtra (33.42), Gujarat (24.03) and Tamil Nadu (22.13).

However, the advance of computer apprenticeship has been bound to just 6.51% of all primary schools in the country. And except for Delhi, Chandigarh, Kerala, Gujarat, Lakshadweep, Maharashtra, Orissa, Puducherry, Sikkim and Tamil Nadu, the allotment of computer assimilation in primary schools is beneath bifold chiffre in the blow of India. Veteran educationist S S Rajagopalan, however, says even these abstracts don't absolutely reflect the austere picture.

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Symbian's switch to open source

Q: It seems as admitting anybody is cat-and-mouse for the Nokia takeover to appear afore the cipher starts accepting stripped. If is the accretion adequate to be completed? What can we apprehend from that version? It won't be bare of third-party cipher yet, will it? But there is cipher from this aggregation aural Symbian's code--won't that accept to be aching out? Can you accord any adumbration of how abounding third-party players there are whose cipher is currently aural Symbian's? What do you adding as "trivia"? Something that can be calmly replicated? accretion bright answers for all these questions..

Q: It seems as admitting anybody is cat-and-mouse for the Nokia takeover to appear afore the cipher starts accepting stripped. If is the accretion adequate to be completed?

Wood: We apprehend the approval for the accord ancient in Q4 this year. It's not an exact science. It's been accustomed in a lot of locations of the apple that allegation to accept it, but there's a baby amount left. That will appear about absolutely this year, and that will again acquiesce us to do some of the integration. We can't do any affiliation at all now--it's illegal. What we're accomplishing now is a lot of planning, but no absolute change in what we're doing.

In the aboriginal bisected of next year, the Symbian Foundation will be established. On day one, ancient in March or April, the aboriginal adaptation of the Foundation software will become available.

What can we apprehend from that version? It won't be bare of third-party cipher yet, will it?

Wood: Correct. That will be accessible alone to humans who accompany the Foundation and who assurance up to the Foundation license. There will be some locations that are accessible source.

So the Foundation authorization is not the open-source license.

Wood: The Foundation authorization is actual agnate to the open-source license, but it allows the companies to allotment the cipher alone aural the Foundation. It's a association antecedent license, with as abundant as accessible in accepted with the closing (open source) authorization that will yield over.

There is some cipher accessible as accessible antecedent from day one, but achievement (of the accessible sourcing) will be ancient in 2010. It's a alive engineering approach--a stage-by-stage absolution of the code.

I was speaking beforehand to the arch controlling of a software close whose cipher is currently in Symbian. He said there was no botheration in accepting some proprietary elements aural open-sourced code, and that this was adequate beneath the GNU General Public License. That doesn't complete right.

Wood: We're not application the GPL--it's the EPL (Eclipse Public License). The EPL is absolutely able to hotlink to proprietary software. The GPL is beneath clear. In fact, a beeline account of the GPL says if you hotlink to added software again that added software avalanche beneath the aforementioned license. Beneath the EPL, if you hotlink to added software again there's no obligation on that added software to yield the aforementioned license. EPL is anemic "copyleft," admitting GPL is the a lot of acclaimed archetype of able copyleft. So I accede with that part, that there could be cipher that's affiliated to. This is to animate innovation.

We're not adage all software should be chargeless of charge. We do apprehend that there will consistently be new, absorbing software that humans will wish to monetize by affairs for a license. If you change the Symbian code, that has to be accustomed back--you can't adhere assimilate that, so that's the copyleft allotment of this message.

We're not adage all software should be chargeless of charge. We do apprehend there will consistently be software humans will wish to monetize by affairs for a license.

But there is cipher from this aggregation aural Symbian's code--won't that accept to be aching out?

Wood: Something has to be done, and I don't absolutely wish to allocution about an alone case, but in assumption several things could happen. We could bandy money at a supplier, and we could say to them: "We will buy this off you in perpetuity and we will accomplish it available." Or we could say we'll leave this alfresco the belvedere and we can put something abroad in instead. It won't be absolutely the same, and we ability go aback to the affectionate of alms that we had in antecedent versions of Symbian. It's consistently accessible that anyone abroad will appear forth and do commensurable software and accomplish that available. There should be affluence of agency for companies (whose cipher is currently aural Symbian's code) to compensate their investment, either by affairs the software (to Symbian), or by developing a bigger adaptation and authoritative that accessible for an added fee.

Can you accord any adumbration of how abounding third-party players there are whose cipher is currently aural Symbian's?

Wood: There are scores. We accept numbers, but it's not bright how abounding of them are austere cases. In some cases they can be dealt with apparently beeline away, but array could yield some austere thought. Whether that's nearer 20 or 100, we allegation to investigate. There's something like 100 cases that we're searching at. In abounding cases, it looks like it's a atomic solution. In added cases, the software is in a chic of its own.

What do you adding as "trivia"? Something that can be calmly replicated?

Wood: Either area it's calmly replicable, or area we are assured that we can change the licensing terms. It ability be cipher that's currently beneath the GPL, so we ability canyon that through. In absoluteness humans will accomplish a buzz by demography this and abacus in added things that are calmly available. So there will be added stuff, GPL, amphibian about in the broader community. So we will say to people: "Right, you body a buzz by demography this Symbian alms and abacus in these added components." Webkit, for example--that's currently beneath a GPL license.

There are things we ability attending at and say: "Well, this is simple to solve. It's not an basic allotment of the system. It will be accessible as allotment of what we alarm a distro." So humans will amalgamate what they get from Symbian with added things that are advised to aperture in.

So we will see distributions of the Symbian amount and some chargeless plug-ins?

Wood: Yes, and added plug-ins that humans ability even pay money for. The point is, there are abounding business models that are possible. Just as Linux has accustomed acceleration to abounding companies that do their labors with Linux, there will be abounding companies that do things on top of Symbian. We're not searching for altered flavors of Symbian in the faculty of alteration the core, but there will be humans who are, for example, specialists in software for aeronautics devices.

Of course, abounding of the smartphones are in fact aeronautics accessories in their own right, but you can brainstorm some humans ability accomplish a aeronautics accessory which happens to be a smartphone, as against to a smartphone that happens to be a aeronautics device. There ability be humans who specialize in that affectionate of affair and say: "Here's Symbian's alms and we've got some added aeronautics getting that we add in to accomplish us the appropriate starting point."

A lot of manufacturers are adequate to accompany out Android handsets.

Wood: Lots of humans will attending at bringing out an Android handset. Let's delay and see what in fact happens.

Symbian has calibration and acceptance but Android is starting from zero. It doesn't accept to band out code. For a developer, is there not a aeon of ambiguity at the moment, because they're not abiding of what they're addressing? The bulletin in the keynotes was that acclamation Series 60 agency acclamation the next adaptation of Symbian, but is that in fact the case? Some $.25 may accept to be bare out.

Wood: I anticipate that the admeasurement that ability end up getting afflicted in that way is actual small. The all-inclusive majority of software that's accounting can be preserved.

For our developer readers, if is that moment of ambiguity traveling to pass?

Wood: It's traveling to be date by stage. We accept a alley map. We will be administration added advice ancient about the average of (the aboriginal bisected of) 2009. There will be a accomplished lot added advice shared.

What innovations can we apprehend from Symbian amid now and the next Smartphone Show, and how abundant will the open-sourcing action affect that innovation?

Wood: The aboriginal buzz with Symbian OS 9.4 has been shown, which is the Nokia (5800) Tube device. That runs S60 fifth edition. We accept already appear Symbian 9.5 to our customers, and there is ample advance on the next two releases, which you can brainstorm ability be alleged 9.6 and 9.7. At some stage, they will abatement into the new adding arrangement that will be acclimated for the Symbian Foundation.

What will that adding arrangement attending like?

Wood: It's still getting discussed. I absolutely like the abstraction of blockage at 9 forever, because it emphasizes compatibility. But the key affair is, there are two added releases for which we accept a alley map.

The capital amount affection for the next releases is twofold. One of them is abutment for balanced multiprocessing (SMP), which we accept is traveling to be absolutely important for the future. That comes out in two phases: in the absolution afterwards 9.5 we've fabricated all the software SMP-safe, which agency it won't abatement over if there are al of a sudden added processors in there; and the one afterwards is alleged SMP-optimized, which is if we in fact restructure some of the software to run bigger if there are assorted cores. That will be the software that acreage on phones with assorted cores, ancient about 2010.

The Nokia Tube has got pen inputs and there's about 5 altered agency humans can accept to ascribe abstracts into that. Will all 5 be appropriately important? Apparently not, but let the bazaar decide.

What is the point in accepting SMP on a handset?

Wood: It will acquiesce the buzz to do added after active the batteries to the aforementioned extent, because the alone cores will run at a lower alarm speed. It turns out, if you accept two cores active at a lower alarm speed, you can in fact end up artful added but application beneath power.

People will use this for all kinds of things; to yield one example, real-time accent translation. Currently a lot of of the real-time accent adaptation casework on smartphones tend to await on server-side work. So you ability allege into it, it ability forward it off to the arrangement and it comes aback with a translation. Now, brainstorm if you could do added of that affectionate of adding on the phone.

Then there's all the multimedia applications. Graphics never get poorer--there are added and added pixels and colors, and all of that requires action from the processors. If you can advance that out over assorted processors, it delivers a faster user acquaintance and added functionality after active out of battery.

Does Symbian still accept the smartphone will yield over from PCs, as it predicted two years ago? The ascribe and affectation issues remain, and Netbooks accept appear into the picture.

Wood: I don't anticipate we anytime said PCs would disappear. PCs will remain--there will be a accomplished host of accessories that remain. But (smartphones) will be added able and humans will be added adequate application that will added and added features. Yield the (Nokia E71)--people are generally afraid that it is in fact absolutely simple to blazon into it even admitting the keys are so small. There's some actual able accouterments architecture in that. It's allotment of the all-embracing step-by-step improvements in input.

The Nokia Tube has got pen inputs and there's about 5 altered agency humans can accept to ascribe abstracts into that. Will all 5 be appropriately important? Apparently not, but let the bazaar adjudge which ones will be a lot of important. That will accomplish ascribe easier. Also, because there are added pixels on the awning and the pictures are clearer, humans generally say they don't allegation their big awning anymore. Perhaps phones will appear in due advance with projectors as well.

The added affair is that the new bearing will just automatically be adequate in application these accessories for these added capabilities. They won't anticipate of it as squashing down what they are acclimated to; they will just abound up acquirements how to use them, and yield it for granted.

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Apple now has more cash than Microsoft

Apple now has added banknote than Microsoft, is it accessible ? yes for abiding because angel appear 24.43 billion and microsoft just 20.77billion , amuse apprehend this commodity for added details.

Apple now has added banknote than Microsoft

As VentureBeat letters this morning, Angel now has added banknote than Microsoft.

Let's yield a attending at the abstracts that detail this absurd about-face of contest (Just four years ago, Angel accomplished its budgetary year with $5.4 billion in banknote to Microsoft's $60.6 billion):

In Microsoft's annual filing (read it here) with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the aggregation letters banknote and banknote equivalents of $20.77 billion, down from $23.66 billion endure quarter.

And in Apple's filing (read it here) the aggregation letters $24.49 billion in banknote and concise investments, up from $20.77 billion endure quarter.

While Angel has been accession its cash, Microsoft has been casual it about via buybacks, dividends, and acquisitions.

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Microsoft's Global Anti-Piracy Day

microsoft accept started his lawsuits adjoin piracy , to see simple data amuse apprehend this commodity to apperceive the 20u.s software resellers that will accept a acknowledged counterpunch.

As allotment of Microsoft's All-around Anti-Piracy Day, the aggregation has appear lawsuits adjoin 20 U.S. software resellers for counterfeiting. Here is a account of the resellers and a little advice about Microsoft's acknowledged counterpunch.

Microsoft has appear that it is suing 20 software resellers in the United States as allotment of a all-around anti-piracy initiative.

According to Microsoft, all of the cases absorb harder deejay loading and/or affected software. The articles complex cover Office 2007 Enterprise, Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Office 2003 Pro and Office 2007 Pro.

Five of the cases originated if barter bootless validation and appear the doubtable piracy to Microsoft: Computers Plus, Computer Unlimited & Services, A-1 Discount Computers, Century Software Systems and Main PC USA.

Two of the cases absorb what Microsoft classified as “high-quality counterfeit”: JY Computer in Northridge, Calif., is accused of counterfeiting a high-quality Office 2003 Pro, and Compatible Computers in Torrington, Conn., a high-quality Office 2003 Pro.

One of the companies—Agility Corporate Solutions, of Gresham, Ore.—is a echo offender, according to Microsoft.

Here is a account of the U.S. companies getting sued, with the corresponding case numbers if available:

A-1 Discount Computer Sales & Service Inc., U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida , Jacksonville Division, Case No. 3:08-cv-999-J-32JRK

Broad Computer Center Inc., U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, Case No. 2:08-CV-00984

Computers Unlimited and Services Inc., U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, Case No. 2:08-CV-00985

Custom Computer 4 Less, U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana , Lafayette-Opelousas Division, Case No. 6:08-cv-01569

Hill Country Computer, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Sherman Division, Case No. 4:08-cv-00396

MainPC, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of N.Y., Case No. 08-civ-8975

Miracle Computers LLC, U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota, Case No. 08-cv-5772

Epic Computer Solutions, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Lubbock Division, Case No. 5:08–cv-00207-C

Best Deal Computers, Chula Vista, Calif.

Brereton Computer Service, Pasadena, Calif.

Century Software, Los Angeles

Computer Czech, West Hollywood, Calif.

Computers Plus, Chula Vista, Calif.

Cygma Computer, Los Angeles

H&C Computer, Chula Vista, Calif.

JY Computer, Northridge, Calif.

SP Computer, San Diego

Compatible Computers, Torrington, Conn.

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Computer game adds teeth to dental education

is it accessible that Computer bold adds teeth to dental education? yes apprehend this commodity see how ?...

Computer bold adds teeth to dental education

Bye bye blow bee, the annihilation abode is entering the 21st century.

For decades the affection absolute comforter has been a badge of honour for accouchement abrogation the alarming academy dental dispensary but with the development of a camp video game, its canicule may be numbered.

Wellington dental analyst Linda Jones - aforetime of Normanby - is alive with a aggregation at Massey University and in the United Kingdom to actualize an cyberbanking bold advised to affluence all-overs in accouchement afore they footfall into the dental chair.

It will aswell be acclimated to accumulate advice about the child's ability of dental hygiene, which in some cases is decidedly poor, Ms Jones says.

At this date the video bold is alleged Dental Jungle.

It's not accomplished yet, Ms Jones is interviewing 400 accouchement civic to see what they anticipate it should attending like.

Yesterday she was at Bell Block Academy and adherent Kaya Selby, 6, was entranced.

He knew absolutely what to do with Ms Jones's laptop and said if traveling to the dental dispensary meant he could play a computer bold he would be "happy".

"I like this game," he said.

"And I've got lots of computer amateur on my mum's computer."

Kaya wasn't one of the kids afraid the assignment although he did say it was "a little bit scary," and he approved to be good.

After arena with the video bold Kaya even appear traveling to the Annihilation Abode would accomplish him "super happy".

Ms Jones said for the non-anxious accouchement such as Kaya the bold was just something to canyon the time but for those with all-overs it would serve as a distraction.

"We are developing a apparatus to advice kids at the acute end, not so abundant kids who are as blessed as he is," she said.

"It's a alleviation address but will aswell accumulate advice about the child.

"It's traveling to be a circuitous game."

Ms Jones said they had absitively to use a computer bold because it was a technology accouchement were accustomed with and enjoyed.

"You accept to attending at what technology kids are application and use what kids are absorbed in," she said.


The analysis is adjourned by a $9000 admission from the Ministry of Health's articulate bloom analysis armamentarium and the bold should be accessible to dental professionals by 2011.

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Computer game adds teeth to dental education

is it possible that Computer game adds teeth to dental education? yes read this article see how ?...

Computer game adds teeth to dental education

Bye bye bumble bee, the murder house is entering the 21st century.

For decades the cotton wool comforter has been a medal of honour for children leaving the dreaded school dental clinic but with the development of a zany video game, its days may be numbered.

Wellington dental psychologist Linda Jones - formerly of Normanby - is working with a team at Massey University and in the United Kingdom to create an electronic game designed to ease anxiety in children before they step into the dental chair.

It will also be used to gather information about the child's knowledge of dental hygiene, which in some cases is particularly poor, Ms Jones says.

At this stage the video game is called Dental Jungle.

It's not finished yet, Ms Jones is interviewing 400 children nationwide to see what they think it should look like.

Yesterday she was at Bell Block School and pupil Kaya Selby, 6, was entranced.

He knew exactly what to do with Ms Jones's laptop and said if going to the dental clinic meant he could play a computer game he would be "happy".

"I like this game," he said.

"And I've got lots of computer games on my mum's computer."

Kaya wasn't one of the kids dreading the drill although he did say it was "a little bit scary," and he tried to be good.

After playing with the video game Kaya even announced going to the Murder House would make him "super happy".

Ms Jones said for the non-anxious children such as Kaya the game was just something to pass the time but for those with anxiety it would serve as a distraction.

"We are developing a tool to help kids at the extreme end, not so much kids who are as happy as he is," she said.

"It's a relaxation technique but will also gather information about the child.

"It's going to be a complex game."

Ms Jones said they had decided to use a computer game because it was a technology children were familiar with and enjoyed.

"You have to look at what technology kids are using and use what kids are interested in," she said.


The research is funded by a $9000 grant from the Ministry of Health's oral health research fund and the game should be available to dental professionals by 2011.

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microsoft or open source ? what's your choice ?

do you accept microsoft accept to accommodate accessible antecedent in his ecosystem ? do you like microsoft action or added companies that accept in accessible source?

please advice us with you comments

Microsoft and accessible source: Allotment wisely

Microsoft wisely chooses to abstain the "either/or" altercation about accessible source

TAGS: Accessible Source

I accept connected accounting about the befalling for Microsoft and accessible source. Heck, I even appropriate that Microsoft should buy Red Hat -- fat chance, but just brainstorm the possibilities. ;-) Over the accomplished two years, Microsoft has connected to embrace accessible source. Is Microsoft anywhere abutting to the position that IBM or Sun accept accomplished in the hearts and minds of accessible antecedent proponents? Nope, boilerplate close. Will that change? That's difficult to say. I'm abiding that Microsoft will accept accessible antecedent into its business archetypal as abundant as IBM has (maybe not to the amount of Sun -- because, to me that doesn't accomplish business sense). But will "the community" accord Microsoft the acclaim for adopting accessible antecedent added wholly?

InfoWorld has a abundant account with Horacio Gutierrez, Microsoft carnality admiral and agent accepted admonition for bookish acreage and licensing. I advance account the accomplished interview, but here's a section that absolutely bent my eye. It's affidavit that Microsoft "gets it" if allotment amid accessible antecedent and bankrupt antecedent software. Mr Gutierrez is quoted:

"For example, it is harder and harder to abide to ascertain the apple of software as a apple disconnected amid accessible antecedent companies and proprietary companies. The accuracy is that today we're all alloyed antecedent companies. Every aggregation that commonly comes from an accessible antecedent accomplishments has over time confused to the average afterwards acumen that in accession to the accessible antecedent foundation, they aswell charge proprietary offerings that will differentiate their casework from others and accordingly will accredit them to body a applicable business."

Clearly, if faced with allotment A or B, Microsoft is realizing, abundant like IBM did added than a decade ago, that A forth with B is a abundant bigger option.

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how to make your computer fast more?

do you dream about a actual fast computer? do you abhorrence crumbling time ? you wish a quick pc ? apprehend this commodity and you will acquisition what you are searching for ?

Is your computer slow? There is annihilation added arresting than a PC that takes always to amount or alpha up. That already fast computer you bought awhile ago, is now apathetic and abounding of errors.

Our website at Fast Computer, http://www.fastcomputer.com ,offers you a simple band-aid to a apathetic PC. Overtime as you use your PC, it becomes chock-full down with applications, programs, spyware, and added abeyant threats.

Most of these problems abide on your PC’s registry. This anthology is the command centermost of your computer. It controls and manages every appliance that is run as able-bodied as the startup programs that amount up.

To ensure a fast PC, a approved charwoman of your anthology is essential. Come by http://www.fastcomputer.com for our chargeless download of Anthology software to abysmal apple-pie your computer and accomplish it afire fast!

Here are 3 simple accomplish you can do appropriate now to ensure a faster computer:

1. Run approved virus scans - able virus software can stop abeyant threats afore they become a problem. Unchecked bacilli can wreak calamity on your arrangement and apathetic it way down.

2. Defrag your computer - Windows comes with a congenital in deejay defragmenter beneath Arrangement tools. Use this every so generally to accumulate your PC in optimal condition.

3. Apple-pie Your Anthology - Approved aliment of your Anthology is key to a fast computer. Come and appointment our website for the latest software and for a chargeless download!

Fast Computer aswell offers a scattering of advantageous online writing for a advantageous PC and aliment tips. Come apprentice about how to accumulate your computer in tip top shape, your PC will be animated you did!

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Why This Storm May Stay Away From Apple

read the latest news about apple , apple start to create some new products with a very low price , for details read this nice article :

VIOLENT waves are tossing about the world’s largest financial institutions like toys made of balsa. The dark skies ahead can’t be anything but a recession. Sheets of cold rain have already been smacking the retail sector. And yet, at the helm of the good ship Apple, all seems well.

Paul Sakuma/Associated Press
Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief, with the aluminum frame for the new MacBook Pro.
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No battening down the hatches or throwing on the storm gear there. In the teeth of what may be a once-in-50-years storm, Steven P. Jobs calmly keeps the company on the same course it has been following since the skies were clear.

Premium prices for premium products — surely this is a formula most unsuited for frugal times. But the analysts with whom I spoke aren’t particularly concerned; all, it seems, list Apple as a buy. (That may be because Apple’s shares have fallen 51 percent so far this year, versus 35 percent for the Nasdaq, making Apple seem a relative bargain.)

Mr. Jobs’s serenity was on public display last Tuesday, when Apple introduced a refreshed lineup of notebook computers and a new wide-screen display monitor. The one concession to the surrounding gloom was a minor one, moving the price for the entry-level MacBook down to $999 from $1,099. But this model lacks the innovative features that Mr. Jobs and his colleagues lavished their attention upon, like the exterior case milled from a single block of aluminum. The other notebooks are priced from $1,299 to $2,499.

Mr. Jobs’s excitement about those new unibody aluminum cases may seem puzzling, but his interest in computer cases is a longstanding quirk. His Next Computer, introduced in 1988, was housed in a 12-inch cube of die-cast magnesium. Metallurgists were impressed; prospective buyers were not.

Before Mr. Jobs introduced the updated Mac notebooks last week, one of the more persistent rumors circulating on technology blogs was that Apple would acknowledge the worsening prospects for consumer spending and bring out a simple, ultraportable machine priced in the neighborhood of $800. It did not appear.

It’s possible that the financial side of Apple’s executive suite sees an urgent need for the company to add products with lower prices, and that the product side, the one that most interests Mr. Jobs, is resisting. Or perhaps no one sees a need to change course.

We’ll soon get a glimpse of what Mr. Jobs and his colleagues see: on Tuesday, the company will release its earnings report for the quarter that ended Sept. 30.

The numbers will undoubtedly document Apple’s momentum in taking market share from Windows-equipped PCs. Yair Reiner, an analyst at Oppenheimer & Company, wrote earlier this month that he expected sales of Apple’s desktop models to grow 13 percent, to 4.3 million, in the 2009 fiscal year and notebook sales to increase by 12 percent, to 6.76 million. Even if the industry suffers a downturn, he expects that Apple will suffer less than its competition and will still gain market share. “The upshot is that even against a very bleak macroeconomic backdrop,” Mr. Reiner said, “Apple should be able to continue growing.”

Not all observers of Apple, however, are sanguine. If the recession is severe, “eventually, everybody gets slaughtered at some point,” says Tavis McCourt, an analyst at Morgan Keegan & Company.

Apple need not be much concerned about its rival Microsoft, which can do little but bang its head against the wall in despair about the Vista fiasco. As if Microsoft’s marketers had not suffered enough indignities, Computerworld gleefully discovered last month that some images for Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” campaign posted on the company’s own corporate site had been created with Macs. (Microsoft has since scrubbed away the incriminating mention of the Mac in the images’ meta-data.) As well as Macs are doing, analysts say Apple’s greatest potential resides in the iPhone. Andy Hargreaves, an analyst at Pacific Crest Securities, describes the iPhone as “the hottest consumer electronics product in the world,” a “game-changing product” that outdistances wireless players on the hardware side, like Nokia, Motorola and Research In Motion, and all the players on the software side, too, including Microsoft, Symbian and Palm.

The first-generation iPhone, unveiled last year, did well, but it’s the second generation, the 3G, that has taken off since its introduction last July. The just-ended quarter is the first in which investors will see the impact on Apple’s income statement. Until Apple releases its earnings, Mr. Hargreaves said, “nobody really knows what the economics are.”

Mr. Reiner, too, is looking forward to the earnings announcement with more than the usual interest. Apple has had great success in part because it has convinced customers to turn away from a $1,000 Windows laptop and to buy its $1,600 laptop instead for its stunning displays and ease of use. Historically, Apple has been conservative when giving estimates of its future financial performance to investors, Mr. Reiner said. If, despite the economic downturn, Apple foresees strong demand for its products in the next quarter, the company’s prospects are bright indeed.

Looking beyond the immediate quarter, and even beyond the next calendar year, Mr. Reiner said he was extremely optimistic about Apple’s future — because of the iPhone, which is a miniaturized computer with, incidentally, phone functionality.

“Who is going to do best?” he asked. “The traditional wireless hardware companies, whose expertise is in radio frequency, or an Apple, with expertise in marrying hardware to software?”

IF hard times do arrive, Apple has a perfectly clean balance sheet, with $20.8 billion in cash and no debt. The biggest problem that its corporate treasury faces is what to do with the cash, which Shannon Cross, of Cross Research, estimates will grow to about $30 billion by the end of 2009.

Ms. Cross says she expects Apple to pursue a more aggressive pricing strategy for the iPhone, not because of the recession but because the worldwide market for phones is too large — a billion phones sold annually — for Apple to be content with the 10 million units or so it will sell this calendar year.

“In 2009,” she predicts, “we’ll get a lower-priced iPhone — iPhone Nano — which will bring it to the masses.”

Apple may well turn into a story for the Weather Channel, as well as for CNBC, if it has indeed found a patch of blue sky that follows it wherever it sails.

Randall Stross is an author based in Silicon Valley and a professor of business at San Jose State University. E-mail: stross@nytimes.com.

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