Archos new tablet device running on Windows 7

Archos is set to release a new tablet device running on Windows 7, which it claims represents the "future of netbooks".

The Archos 9pctablet offers a 9in screen that naturally takes advantage of the multitouch facilities offered in Microsoft's new operating system.

Despite touting the device as a "netbook" the 9pctablet doesn't have a keyboard, relying instead on the virtual software keyboard built into Windows 7. However, Archos will supply an optional "super-slim" external keyboard.

Archos claims the device "pushes the boundaries of elegance and simplicity on a netbook, fulfilling all expectations of most mobile users". Most being the operative - and perhaps debatable - word.

Aside from the lack of a keyboard, the 9pctablet does have a low-end netbook style spec, with an Atom Z510 processor and an 80 GB hard disk. Those who desperately crave a keyboard could use the 9pctablet's Bluetooth connection to connect a wireless keyboard.

The device is only 1.6cm thick and weighs less than 800g. It also includes a digital TV tuner, which underlines its focus on entertainment rather than work.

The device will appear alongside Windows 7 on the 22 October, with Archos yet to provide any details on the price.

The company is also gearing up to launch tablets based on Google's Android OS, according to a company spokesperson.

Author: Barry Collins

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