How to make keep Windows 7 safe and secure ?

Q Does Windows 7 come with a firewall and other security software installed?

A Like earlier versions of the Windows operating system, Windows 7 includes its own firewall program to help protect against Internet intruders. Microsoft also offers free virus and spyware protection with its Microsoft Security Essentials software. Links to the program, as well as to the company’s Malicious Software Removal Tool, are at

Microsoft’s free security programs offer basic protection, but software suites from third-party companies add things like spam filtering, tools to defend against phishing, wireless-network monitoring and other features, as well as a more customizable firewall. These suites provide a more comprehensive set of protection programs, but they usually cost $40 to $70 dollars. (Some new Windows 7 computers may even come with a trial version or a one-year subscription to a security suite.)

Microsoft has a list of companies selling security software that works with Windows 7 at The CNet site has reviews of many security programs at and PC Magazine’s roundup of this year’s suites at

QDo I need to buy an external microphone to use with my camcorder?

AIf you plan to use the camcorder in all types of recording situations and want to capture high-quality audio along with your video, investing in an external microphone is a good idea.

A built-in microphone is probably just fine for sporting events or other occasions where hearing distinct voices isn’t necessary. But an external microphone can make a big difference in situations where audio clarity is important — recording an interview, for example — or where the goal is to eliminate as much background noise as possible.

Most camcorders include a microphone jack, so check to see what type your model has; many lower-priced camcorders have a stereo jack, while those on the higher end may use an XLR connector. Microphones are now available in wired or wireless varieties. There are many different types of external microphones. The smaller ones include the hand-held TV news reporter variety, or the discreet lavalier microphone that clips onto a shirt collar or jacket lapel.

A shotgun microphone is generally larger and picks up sound in the direction it is pointed. Shotgun mics can be attached to the top of the camcorder or clamped to a pole and held out of the video frame while recording.

Prices for external microphones vary from about $12 for an inexpensive lapel clip-on to more than $1,000 for a professional handheld model. Web sites that specialize in audio gear and camcorder accessories usually have reviews and information on many current microphones, so you can research before you buy.

Tip of the week: If you accidentally hit the Ignore All button while spellchecking a long Microsoft Word document, you can still make the program go back and proofread your work.

Just visit the program’s Options or Preferences area for the Spelling and Grammar settings. For example, in Word 2007, click on the Office button in the ribbon toolbar at the top, then click on Word Options. Click on Proofing, and in the Spelling and Grammar area, click on the Recheck Document button.

In older versions of Word for Windows, the Recheck Document button is on the Spelling and Grammar tab of the Options box in the Tools menu. Mac Word users can find it by choosing Preferences from the Word menu and clicking on the Spelling and Grammar icon in the Preferences box.

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