MacBook Air 2010 Vs Windows 7

I have been reading through an editorial on’s net site and they historicallyin the past did a comparison between theMacBook Air and some Netbooks. Unsurprisingly the MacBook Air came out on top, I guess that is what happens when you compare a tiny laptop computer with a dual core processor against single core low powered laptops. I mean you have to have a look at the cost difference between them to know which the better laptop computer is. If there is a difference of $500-700 difference, you know the more expensive one is going to come out on top.

Following on from this, they are now doing a comparison between the new MacBook Air and laptops that are of a similar cost. This will be a better comparison as generally the laptops jogging Windows 7 will be of a much higher standard than a Netbook. Generally i have found over the years that when it comes to computing you get what you pay for.

So what do the results show? Funnily exactly what I thought, the MacBook Air would do ok but there will be some laptops that out perform it. you can see all of the results for graphics, battery life amongst other things by heading over to

If i am honest, I still think it is a pointless study as all of the machines that they looked at have different target audiences. That’s my opinion but let me know yours in the comments below.

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