Buying a Notebook? Must-Haves.

Buying a Notebook? Must-Haves.

Notebook Computer (flickr cc: Craig Jewell)

Notebook computers accept afflicted a lot in just a few years. There are a few improvements on a lot of customer models that you shouldn’t reside without. Here are a few things to attending for in your next laptop:

LED Screen

An LED backlit awning uses, you estimated it, LEDs rather than something like CCFL tubes. An LED awning provides a brighter account with whiter whites and richer colors. LED screens are added durable, accept a best lifespan, and absorb beneath energy. They are thinner and acquiesce the all-embracing admeasurement of the anthology to shrink. LED screens yield beneath time to balmy up, as the laptop’s account generally appears quicker if bringing your computer out of beddy-bye mode.

Small Power-Brick / Adapter

Eee PC Adapter (flickr cc: -N8-)

One of the admired things about my aboriginal Asus Eee PC was the baby ability adapter. Rather than accepting two abstracted cables and a ample brick to backpack around/unravel, the Eee PC had a simple wall-mounted adapter. It was abundant easier and quicker to whip out the Eee PC adapter and bung it in. The Eee PC adapter aswell acclimated beneath amplitude in my bag. The architecture is agnate to what we see with accepted corpuscle phones, and abounding computer manufacturers are adopting this style.

Magnetic Latch / No Latch

Another complaint of the earlier notebooks I’ve endemic is the clunky, automated latch. Thankfully, a lot of manufacturers are accepting abroad from this architecture and opting for a alluring latch or no latch at all. The Apple MacBook is a simple architecture that accouterments the alluring latch. Some abate laptops and netbooks don’t use a latch at all. This is added or beneath a accessibility affair rather than annihilation that impacts productivity.

Magnetic / Quick Absolution AC Ability Plug

Magnetic Ability Bung (flickr cc: 37prime)

Not to ride the Apple appearance but the MacBook aswell has a actual able-bodied implemented AC Ability plug. The alluring architecture allows for a quick absolution if anytime anyone trips on your computer’s ability cord. Too abounding times to count, myself or anyone in my home, including my dog, has gotten circuitous in my computer’s ability cord. If my anthology did not affection a quick-release plugin, it ability spell assertive death. A quick-release bung allows the ability bond to abstracted from the assemblage after bringing your laptop aerobatics or abolition to the ground.

SSD (Solid State Drive)

SSD (flickr cc: piesto)

Despite their college costs, Solid State Drives are acceptable cheaper and added prevalent. SSDs are added accepted because they are beneath decumbent to abrasion out over time. A accepted Harder Disk Drive has affective locations that abrasion or apathetic as your computer ages. The HDD can aswell abort due to jolts or harder bumps that can action if alteration your laptop. SSDs aswell absorb beneath activity and are generally faster than acceptable HDDs.


Webcams are appealing abundant the barometer on a lot of customer laptops these days, and I’d say they’re one affair you shouldn’t do without. If annihilation for the simple actuality of videoconferencing over your admired agent client, such as Skype, webcams accommodate bigger advice and entertainment.

Things that will be must-haves soon:

WiMax/Wireless Broadband Support

Thanks to the acceptance and admeasurement of the netbook, it’s my assumption that abounding wireless providers will anon apprehend the abeyant WiMax/wireless broadband market. Although abounding wireless carriers action abstracts plans, they are still a little cher and accept account limits. As the appeal to be affiliated continues to abound and prices of adaptable accessories drop, hopefully wireless carriers will action reasonable affairs after download limits. Attending for wireless internet capabilities to one day be accepted in netbooks and acceptable laptops.

Multitouch Abutment / Inking Capabilities

The success of Apple’s iPhone, absorption in Microsoft Surface, and the acknowledgment of inking abutment in Windows 7 point to a approaching of touch. Although the Book PC has struggled to accretion boilerplate popularity, accessories like the HP TouchSmart PC appearance the able customer admiration for touch-enabled devices. A few manufacturers are alpha to yield agenda and absolution analytic priced book netbooks and laptops. As always, the rumor comminute continues to hum of a anytime Apple tablet.

Instant-on Operating System

An instant-on operating arrangement is an OS that allows a computer to cossack in beneath 30 seconds, accouterment basal accretion functionality. An instant-on operating arrangement helps becloud the band amid computer and appliance. Ultimately, the ambition of a Claimed Computer is to be personal, something that you can collaborate with on a circadian base after cat-and-mouse or cerebration about what you’re doing. The appearance listed as must-haves accommodate notebooks into our lives.

All of these appearance will eventually become accepted options for new laptops and hopefully netbooks down the road. Consider these options if you’re searching for a powerful, able-bodied anthology computer and wish something that won’t become anachronistic in a 6 months.

What are your must-haves in a notebook?

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