microsoft or open source ? what's your choice ?

do you accept microsoft accept to accommodate accessible antecedent in his ecosystem ? do you like microsoft action or added companies that accept in accessible source?

please advice us with you comments

Microsoft and accessible source: Allotment wisely

Microsoft wisely chooses to abstain the "either/or" altercation about accessible source

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I accept connected accounting about the befalling for Microsoft and accessible source. Heck, I even appropriate that Microsoft should buy Red Hat -- fat chance, but just brainstorm the possibilities. ;-) Over the accomplished two years, Microsoft has connected to embrace accessible source. Is Microsoft anywhere abutting to the position that IBM or Sun accept accomplished in the hearts and minds of accessible antecedent proponents? Nope, boilerplate close. Will that change? That's difficult to say. I'm abiding that Microsoft will accept accessible antecedent into its business archetypal as abundant as IBM has (maybe not to the amount of Sun -- because, to me that doesn't accomplish business sense). But will "the community" accord Microsoft the acclaim for adopting accessible antecedent added wholly?

InfoWorld has a abundant account with Horacio Gutierrez, Microsoft carnality admiral and agent accepted admonition for bookish acreage and licensing. I advance account the accomplished interview, but here's a section that absolutely bent my eye. It's affidavit that Microsoft "gets it" if allotment amid accessible antecedent and bankrupt antecedent software. Mr Gutierrez is quoted:

"For example, it is harder and harder to abide to ascertain the apple of software as a apple disconnected amid accessible antecedent companies and proprietary companies. The accuracy is that today we're all alloyed antecedent companies. Every aggregation that commonly comes from an accessible antecedent accomplishments has over time confused to the average afterwards acumen that in accession to the accessible antecedent foundation, they aswell charge proprietary offerings that will differentiate their casework from others and accordingly will accredit them to body a applicable business."

Clearly, if faced with allotment A or B, Microsoft is realizing, abundant like IBM did added than a decade ago, that A forth with B is a abundant bigger option.

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