Five strategies Microsoft got right

Five strategies Microsoft got right

There's connected criticism of Microsoft (Just anticipate Vista), but the agents at Redmond's Directions on Microsoft has put calm a account of 5 things Microsoft got appropriate over its 33 years of existence. Here they are:

1. Software Is King: "Microsoft was a part of the aboriginal companies to see software as the business, not just an add-on auction to hardware."

2. Outsource Your Sales Force: "(Microsoft's) accomplice community, from baby mom-and-pop computer shops to the world's better systems integrators, enabled the aggregation to accomplish aberrant sales volumes with alarming acceleration after accepting to absorb huge sums to body a absolute sales force and consulting practice."

3. Technology for the Masses: "Microsoft has consistently ample out how to accomplish able technologies already absolute to big business -- business intelligence, intranets, systems administration -- attainable to abate IT shops at a atom of the cost."

4. Developers, Developers, Developers!: "More than any added software company, Microsoft courts developers, lavishing them with able tools, chargeless training and bargain support."

5. The Long View:"The aggregation will sustain amazing losses to accretion a ballast in a bazaar (think of Xbox) and abide hits to its angel to change a business archetypal that isn't alive (think of MSN)."

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