George W Bush fends off shoes in new viral computer game

Players of Bush's Boot Camp yield on the role of a gun-toting aegis agent, and accept to shoot shoes out of the air afore they can hit the hapless president.

Television anchorman Muntadar al-Zaidi was tackled to the arena by Secret Service cadre bygone afterwards he started to bandy his shoes at Geroge W Bush during a columnist appointment in Iraq. The cossack absent the president, who ducked just in time, but Mr Zaidi was arranged from the allowance yelling: "This is a adieu kiss, you dog," at the President.

Footage of the advance has already been beheld added than bisected a actor times on video-sharing website YouTube, and the viral computer bold is proving accepted with internet users.

"If you watch the video clip, the Secret Service don't move to assure the Admiral until the additional shoe has been thrown," said Sadi Chishti, managing administrator of T-Enterprise, the Glasgow-based aggregation abaft the computer game. "We're acquisitive the agents will use this bold as a training aid for approaching cossack attacks on apple leaders."

Players use their abrasion to aim the crosshairs of their gun and blaze their weapon. Admiral Bush loses "health points" every time he is accidentally shot, or hit with a shoe, and the bold ends if his bloom beat alcove zero.

For Admiral Bush, who leaves appointment on Jan 20 if President-Elect Barack Obama is clearly inaugurated, the shoe-throwing adventure is the latest in a continued band of gaffes, errors and adverse incidents that accept apparent his time in the White House. Mr Bush abundantly afraid on a pretzel while watching an NFL American Football bout amid the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens. and fell off a Segway electric scooter. He aswell empiric a aggressive affectation through a brace of binoculars that still had their lens cap on.

T-Enterprise has a clue almanac for developing funny viral amateur based on contemporary events. Shortly afterwards the adverse aperture of Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in April, it launched a bold in which players controlled a animation adaptation of Willie Walsh, British Airway's arch executive, to aggregate baggage, browse it in the x-ray machine, and again amount it on to the agent belt while alienated rogue baggage trolleys. In March, it appear a bold in which players helped Heather Mills aggregate the £24.3 actor adjustment she won afterward her annulment from Sir Paul McCartney by throwing baptize about a courtroom, while in September, it alveolate Alaskan arctic bears adjoin US vice-presidential applicant Sarah Palin, in a bold that criticised the Alaskan governor's ecology record.

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