ECS X58B-A Motherboard review

Intel's Nehalem architectonics was a huge footfall advanced in putting high-performance accretion into the boilerplate consumer's PC. In abounding cases Nehalem offers achievement that was ahead aloof for dual-CPU configurations costing several thousand dollars. Now for $700 you can body a analgesic Core i7 body with 6GB of anamnesis and a lath acknowledging both CrossFire and SLI.

Elitegroup Computer Systems, ECS for short, is primarily an OEM architect so it's not able-bodied accepted to the enthusiast community. This is the additional ECS lath I've had my easily on and it is accessible that ECS is aggravating actual harder to advance both their superior and their image. The endure board, the ECS P45T-A, was an OEM lath anesthetized off as an enthusiast board. Just on aperture the box admitting it was accessible ECS meant business.

Intel's X58 chipset, the alone accepted belvedere acknowledging Nehalem, supports CrossFire natively. SLI can aswell be accurate but the lath accept to be activated by Nvidia and either action an nForce 200 PCIe about-face or an SLI key aural the BIOS. These from my compassionate are accidental from an electrical standpoint and are artlessly a evidence of their chipset authoritative days.

Below is a account of all the technologies congenital into this board. Priced at $245, the ECS isn't your top bank lath but thankfully this is reflected in the price. This will be abundant accepted by consumers accustomed how a lot of X58 boards are affairs for $300 or greater. That getting said, this lath does accept a lot of appearance that you wouldn't apprehend on a account board.

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