Velocity Micro and the Future of Desktop Computers

Everyone knows the all-around abridgement has been annoyed this year, and abnormally the accomplished month. That gives us all a acumen to abeyance and anticipate about our accretion choices afore we absorb money added than anytime before.

In agreement of computers, a lot of humans still accede a PC a call for our avant-garde agenda lifestyle. With that in mind, the best "bang-for-the-buck" accommodation at the moment is a superior desktop computer. The advantages are: appreciably added achievement per dollar, a abundant best account life, easier upgradability, lower absolute bulk of ownership, and beneath befalling for accident or failure. These affidavit accomplish it a no brainer to me to accept a solid desktop over a anthology for the aforementioned bulk of money. If you accept a alive notebook, use it as your biking assemblage that doesn't allegation to do your abundant computing.

In fact, the acceleration of the new "ultra-mobile" (UMPC) netbooks is already demography advantage of this abstraction for a growing amount of people. Inexpensive UMPC articles are lower powered and ideal just for biking by design. They can't do

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cogent video or photo work, no gaming, and accept actual little storage. But as a additional computer, they are absolute as a low powered biking tool. If you already accept an earlier anthology that you are cerebration of replacing, accede befitting it as your biking apparatus that you can accompany aback to your capital desktop computer to hotlink to for the absolute plan and enjoyment. Your earlier anthology can now become your new UMPC. Velocity Micro will bare a advanced array of netbooks in January at CES.

Other allowances of ultra carriageable netbook computers are the simplicty of packing and adrift about the home, office, campus, or active neighborhood. The adeptness to grab your 2 batter netbook PC and anon hit the aperture afterwards anguish apropos the cords and cables that usually binding a lot of laptops afterwards an hour or two are now gone with a mini-notebook packing a six hour array charge. The actuality that you can't adapt photos or video al of a sudden becomes adequate if you bethink this is just a accessory accessory for internet connectivity and entertainment.

While this abridgement all-overs out as it absolutely will, and I anticipate the contempo acclamation will activate to achieve our bread-and-butter uncertainty, abounding humans will still allegation a able computer to administer their lives better. The PC, even a solid Velocity Micro desktop, is not just a affluence account if you affliction about the agenda apple we reside in. It affords a basic claimed affiliation with the apple and a abundant bare escape from the accent we are all feeling.

Our abridgement will survive, as will our allegation for accretion performance. For now, the desktop PC is the best use of your money.

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