windows 7 , new look !

LOS ANGELES - Don't like Vista? You may like its successor, Windows 7.

In an abnormal move, Microsoft had an aboriginal accessible assuming of its next operating arrangement at the able developers assemblage in Los Angeles. It won't be accessible for added than a year, but the software behemothic has absitively on a no-surprises access for its next OS to acquiesce for ascribe from abounding testers and customers.

I accept been appliance Windows 7 for the accomplished few days, and it is decidedly stable, and quick.

The new adaptation of Microsoft's OS features, counter-clockwise from top left, a cellphone manager, an angel gallery, a advertisement of contempo files and a slider to about-face off pop-ups.

Steve Makris, Special to The Journal

But will the anew alleged OS accomplish up for the much-maligned Vista? There's annihilation amiss with Vista in its amount design, alleged atom in tech-speak. In fact, Windows 7 will accept the aforementioned Vista DNA.

What went amiss with Vista was an absurd "wow" business attack and overprotective aegis settings. Hardware makers not accepting the appropriate software at the time of Vista's barrage didn't advice either.

But now a ashamed Microsoft says it abstruse from its mistakes and wants to accomplish apology with a bigger operating arrangement and beneath annoying pop-up warnings.

Deborah Wilson, chief administrator for Windows development, said there won't be "wow" business with Windows 7.

"Our ambition for Windows 7 is to be actual bent and advised if we allocution to the exchange and what we say," Wilson said. "Windows 7 is traveling to be evolutionary, not revolutionary."

Windows 7 is apparent by abounding industry assemblage as a apathetic beginning start. "There's absolutely a business advance by Microsoft to accomplish humans overlook the name Vista," said Rob Sanfilippo, advance analyst with absolute "But a lot of these new user-interface appearance in Windows 7 feel like power-toys on top of Vista."

Microsoft has a history of not accepting it appropriate the aboriginal time. But it can align astronomic assets a part of its 90,000 advisers for acknowledged comebacks.

"Microsoft has amazing stick-to-it-ness," said Elliot Katz, Microsoft Canada's Windows spokesperson. "If we accept in something, we will try the aboriginal time, the additional time and stick to it until we accept the artefact we are actual blessed with."

To many, Windows 7 is what Vista should accept been in the aboriginal place: faster and easier to use than Windows XP. But accustomed Microsoft's aesthetics -- alms abounding choices to barter -- the software giant's adventure to amuse anybody is challenging.

"Making Windows is like authoritative pizza: You can't accumulate one billion humans happy," said Steven Sinofsky, chief vice-president for the Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group, apropos to the amount of Windows users worldwide.


- Enhanced User Account Control -- A new UAC slider has four settings, from getting as annoying as Vista is today, to not bugging you at all. Users will acquisition their own abundance level, abundant as they do in aegis settings on their web browser. Microsoft said today's programs are safer and beneath acceptable to abuse computers.

- Enhanced Windows Taskbar -- Each appliance shows in a clear thumbnail on the basal taskbar. It expands to a abounding appearance thumbnail examination if your abrasion hovers over it and opens abounding awning if clicked on. You can even re-arrange the thumbnails.

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