Windows 7, Microsoft learns from its mistakes

are interesting in windows 7 ? do you dislike vista ? these are advantages of windows 7 ...

Microsoft gave media and developers a aboriginal attending at Windows 7 endure ages at its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles, and aboriginal impressions are mostly positive. The aggregation appears to accept abstruse from some of the misfires in Windows Vista, and has taken accomplish to advance the user experience.

Take, for example, the much-reviled User Admission Ascendancy (UAC). Users who were afraid out of their socks the aboriginal time Vista's awning went atramentous and again boring asked if they absolutely capital to accomplish a potentially alarming assignment such as installing software will be adequate to apperceive that, although UAC is still animate and well, they now accept added choices as to how it works. Now, instead of a hard-to-find advantage that alone lets you about-face it off, there's a Ascendancy Panel applet with a slider that allows you to aces the akin of UAC, from full-bore acrimonious as in Vista to absolutely off, with average levels accouterment bound protection.

Another affection that apprehend bigger than it formed was the Sidebar, a committed breadth for accessories (small applications like clock, agenda or acclimate reports) that alone formed able-bodied on widescreen monitors with absolute acreage to spare. The Sidebar is asleep in Windows 7, and accessories can be placed anywhere on the desktop.

While we're searching at the desktop, casting your eyes down to the Taskbar. First, accept a blink at the basal right, breadth lives the Arrangement Tray, that breadth assuming the alarm and a assemblage of icons placed by applications such as antivirus and Microsoft Update. Beneath Vista, either alone the apps in use show, and you bang an arrow to analysis the others, or abroad you can appearance everything. There's annihilation in the middle. In Windows 7, two things accept changed. First, there's a bare amplitude to the appropriate of the endure figure – added on that later. Second, you can accept which icons are displayed, which ones you can appearance on demand, and which you never ambition to see. It can annihilate a ton of clutter. You can aswell ascendancy which applications are accustomed to forward letters via the Arrangement Tray, to ascendancy annoying pop-up windows.

Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft vice-president Windows Acquaintance demonstrates the Windows Touch affection of Microsofts's new operating arrangement Windows 7 at the 2008 Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles.

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Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft vice-president Windows Acquaintance demonstrates the Windows Touch affection of Microsofts's new operating arrangement Windows 7 at the 2008 Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. (Fred Prouser/Reuters)

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Next, the Taskbar able has had some renovation. The Quick Launch bar (those icons to the appropriate of the Start button that let you run applications) is gone. But afore you bawl that you use it all the time, contemplate its replacement. Now you abode icons for the programs you use a lot of generally on the Taskbar itself, in the adjustment you ambition to see them. If you put the cursor over one of those icons, if the app is active it will appearance you thumbnails of the abstracts it has open; bang on one of those documents, and you'll see a full-screen preview. You can even abutting a certificate from its thumbnail. Right-click on an icon, and you get what Microsoft is now calling a JumpList – the ambience agenda on steroids. Now it shows you afresh acclimated files or afresh visited websites as able-bodied as the accepted actions. The JumpList aswell works on the Start Menu.

With added and added homes installing computer networks, Microsoft spent some time authoritative their operation easier with the abstraction of the Homegroup, a accumulating of computers and accessories absorbed to your home network; Windows 7 automatically finds and configures them for you. If you accompany your domain-joined Windows 7 plan PC home and affix it to the network, it will even automatically change your absence printer to the one on the home network, and put it aback to accustomed if you hit the appointment arrangement the next day.

Since your plan computer apparently contains actual you don't ambition the blow of the ancestors to see, Windows 7 makes abiding that, by default, added Homegroup associates cannot browse it. However, added Homegroup machines can see anniversary other, and you can even seek beyond the accomplished Homegroup if you wish.

Libraries accomplish award things even easier. Basically, they're collections of shortcuts to agreeable you ambition to categorize: photos or music or academy projects or annihilation abroad that strikes your fancy, whether it's on your computer or addition apparatus on the network. They arise in Explorer, and may be accessed afterwards alive breadth the agreeable in fact is stored. And, yes, admission and aegis are configurable.

Since humans tend to accept assorted windows accessible at once, and charge to see things ancillary by side, there accept been a few tweaks to the desktop to help. For example, say you're basic an e-mail to a friend, anecdotic an accessible concert, and you ambition to grab some advice from the concert's Web page. Put the bulletin on one ancillary of the screen, and annoyance the browser window beside it. The two windows will breeze calm automatically so you can see both – and alleviate if you annoyance them apart. Similarly, if you berth the appellation bar of a window to the top of the screen, the window will pop into abounding awning mode; cull it down, and it will backslide to its antecedent size.

Now accept you ambition to see a apparatus on the desktop, but it's active beneath 5 accessible windows. All you charge to do is hover the abrasion over that bare atom I mentioned beside the Arrangement Tray, and all of those windows will briefly minimize.

The Accessories and Printers binder offers an absorbing aberration on drivers: it provides an all-in-one appearance of all functions for things like printers and acute phones. For example, a multi-function printer with chip scanner and media agenda readers would accept appeared as several accessories with several sets of drivers beneath Vista. Windows 7 gathers all of those functions assimilate the Accessory Stage, breadth all of the functions can be accessed from one spot. Vendors accommodate the XML accessory descriptions and drivers, which will be broadcast through Microsoft Update afterwards getting digitally active to accredit that they won't breach anything.

Much of the improvement, as you can see, is aimed at consumers; the action accustomed alone a few abeyant aliment – at atomic so far. Computers can be beheld with Windows 7 while attention absolute data. Deployments can be scripted. Encryption and seek accept been enhanced. There's a recorder that allows users to abduction absolutely what accomplish led to a problem; they can again e-mail this recording to the helpdesk for diagnosis. And administrators can specify which applications may be run on anniversary arrangement through policies.

On the whole, however, Microsoft has concentrated on cogent us about allowances to alone users. As beta versions appear, administrators will be able to attending for action value, abnormally already Windows Server 2008 R2, aloft which some accessible action enhancements depend, is released.

One affair we can't allocution about yet is performance. Windows 7 is still in its aboriginal stages – the aboriginal beta isn't due until aboriginal next year – but Microsoft says the plan is to accomplish it plan bigger than Vista while application beneath resources. So far, it's absurd to acquaint if it will accommodated that goal, back achievement affability is one of the endure things that happens afore release.

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