Windows 7 takes center 'stage'

LOS ANGELES--Choice was the watchword in the Windows 7 altercation Wednesday, as Microsoft aimed to highlight what it sees as its arch advantage over battling Apple.

Steven Sinofsky, antic a bit of a Steve Jobs look, shows off Windows 7 at the WinHEC 2008 appointment in Los Angeles.

"A key allotment of Windows 7 is to accredit a abounding spectrum of choices," chief carnality admiral Steven Sinofsky said in a accent at the Windows Accouterments Engineering Appointment (WinHEC) here.

While the new Windows will accredit high-end machines with multitouch, it will aswell plan on low-end machines. While Vista has abundantly been absent in the fast-growing Netbook category, Windows 7 is aimed to plan able-bodied on such low-end devices--a amount of which are on affectation at WinHEC.

Among the machines Microsoft showed was an Eee PC with a 1GB harder drive and a 16GB solid-state drive, which the software maker said could run Windows 7 with "room to spare."

For accouterments makers, Microsoft has a affection alleged "device stage" that lets them action up things like manuals, links to services, and admission to agreeable stored on the accessory in one place.

On stage, Microsoft showed a Nokia buzz absorbed up to Windows 7, automatically authoritative accessible all the agreeable on the device.

The aggregation aswell said it will abutment a amount of added audio and video formats out of the box, including Divx, H.264 and caught AAC.

Windows 7 aswell has chip abutment for sensors, such as ablaze sensors, accelerometers or GPS, or even added alien kinds of input. For example, Microsoft showed a ThinkPad with a spectrophotometer to advice handle blush calibration.

Sinofsky aswell acclaimed that even admitting Microsoft has put a lot of focus on touch, it is not abandoning its Tablet PC work. Ray Ozzie endure anniversary told TechFlash that blow can be mainstream, while Tablet PC was "truly niche," a description that allegedly annoyed the Tablet PC enthusiast crowd.

As for if association will in fact get their easily on 7, Microsoft didn't action new details, above adage a feature-complete beta will be accessible in aboriginal 2009.

Sinofsky did acknowledgment a "release applicant to RTM phase," suggesting that Microsoft is alone planning a individual beta.

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